Castro Opens Door to Exiles Return

“Come on home, we need you”, might equally have been the flowery words coming from Havana this week.  New migration rules to allow the return of thousands banned from the island, including many branded as defectors and even traitors.  Either times have changed in Cuba, or they are really desperate.  You decide.  In any event, … Continue reading

Cuba a Destination for Medicare Fraud Money

The American taxpayer is in a war and doesn’t even know it.  The war involves individuals around the world who are trying to separate our local, state, and federal governments from our tax dollars.  Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.  It just so happens South Florida leads the nation when it comes to Medicare – by far … Continue reading

Cubans Free to Flee

In what many people have to regard as a green light for exodus, Raul Castro’s government is reversing a travel visa policy that has been in place for decades.  In a country of limits, it is the restriction that many Cubans hate the most: the exit visa that the government requires for travel abroad, discouraging … Continue reading

Hialeah Floats Cuba

Agua, Factoria…Cuba.  Hialeah is often the butt of jokes in Miami, but Hialeah is a real town that works.  It works not only for Miami, but it also works for Cuba.  For example, drivers in Cuba who need to keep their cars running look to Hialeah for hard-to-find spare parts. Hialeah is booming. Read Juan … Continue reading

Cuba Satisfying its Sweet Tooth

Cuba is resolutely known for a handful of things around the world, whether there is a socialist regime or not:  Sugar, Cigars, Rum, and a handful of others, some unmentionable.  The sugar harvest took a nosedive two years ago – the worst in 105 years to be exact – and now Fidel and Raul’s machine … Continue reading

Cuba: Boxers Chose to Stay or Go

Teofil Stevenson was a giant of a man.  Not only was he physically imposing, but his fists pack such a wallop, you could feel it through the television screen.  To see him as an old, broken down, drunkard of a man, is sadly emblematic of the Cuban Regression.  A new film looks at Cuban boxers, … Continue reading

Cuba: American Travel to Island Changing

Give a guy a rope, he thinks he’s a Cowboy. Tell Americans they can go to Cuba for specific, limited purposes, it’s party time. That’s the complaint you will hear from most people who want to curtail trips to the island by Americans. The Treasury Department is tightening controls on Americans traveling to Cuba after … Continue reading

Cuba: Experimenting with a State Debit Card

Cuba has begun an experimental program letting Islanders use debit cards for their peso bank accounts to shop in so-called dollar stores.  We’re obviously not talking about huge volumes of money, but I regard this as a positive step forward for transparency and modernization. Read Miami Herald article here: – Presented by Miami International … Continue reading

Cuba: New Customs Fees Exorbitant

Cuba has been on fumes for such a long time, it appears that they are finally about to bite the hand that feeds them:  Tourists.  Cuba’s government says increased customs duties are needed to impose order at airports. Travelers said they were shocked at taxes of almost $600. Read Andrea Rodriguez’s Miami Herald article here: … Continue reading

Cuba: Oil Partner Repsol Slapped by Havana

Exploration!  Just the very word conjures up “risk”.  In the best circumstances, risk leads to reward.  In the worst circumstances, it merely leads to wasted money, wasted time, and wasted opportunity costs.  However, when your hand is bitten by the very people you’re trying to help, that must just add insult to injury.  Take the … Continue reading